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Procedures for Destination Inspection Scheme


  1. Any importer of goods, shall apply to the Bureau for Batch Certificate at least two weeks before the arrival of the import shipment.
  2. The importer shall submit the application form for Batch certificate with the following documents:
    • Delivery order/Bill of lading
    • Parking list
    • TRA assessment document
    • Commercial invoice.
    • CoC
    • Test Report (if any)
  3. The importer shall pay the applicable fee for Batch Certificate as indicated in the table of Destination Inspection fees.
  4. The ZBS inspector conducts physical inspection and collects samples randomly or as per the relevant standard. Where possible economic sampling is done. The inspector shall institute professional judgment in performing the type, range and volume of inspection activities.
  5. Inspector submits samples and inspection report (filled inspection form) to the Head of Inspection. The officer on duty registers the submitted samples and fills in the test request form before sending the samples to the Testing and Calibration Section. In most cases, the requested test parameters are mainly the critical parameters.
  6. The officer in charge of Destination Inspection receives test report from the Testing and Calibration Section. The test report is reviewed and the officer in charge recommends grant of batch certificate to Head of Inspection if the product has passed the tested parameters. If the test report shows that the product failed some tested parameters, the officer forwards the test report to Head of Inspection for decision to reject. If the failures are significant and critical the Head of Inspection instructs the officer to prepare rejection letter.