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Zanzibar Bureau of Standards

ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFIED

Standards | Quality | Life

Mission & Vision and Core Values


To be among the global leaders in providing highly respected standardization, quality assurance and metrology services.


To develop and promote product standards, certification, quality management and conducting highly technical and professional testing of products using state of the art laboratory equipments and devices that will promote and build confidence to manufacturers, traders and consumers while strengthening Zanzibar’s economy and community health and safety.

ZBS accountability

ZBS has its strategic plan in order to implement this Strategic Plan its requires proper utilization of financial, human and material resources. This demands that staff in the Ministry and other actors will have to take responsibility and be accountable for their use. The work flow and responsibilities model provides the road map for the implementation of the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan implementation depends significantly on how the planned activities and outputs are effectively delegated, monitored and evaluated. The Director General as the accounting and authorized officer will be the overall in- charge of the implementation of the Strategic Plan. The targets set in the Strategic plan will be implemented through annual Performance Contracts and work plans.

ZBS sustainability

ZBS will ensure continues existence of with improvements. Therefore our system remain dynamic and productive over time the Zanzibar Bureau of Standards is highly availing this opportunity to call all its staff members, stakeholders and all collaborators to provide their maximum support to execute this five years Strategic Plan. In such a way, Zanzibar fulfills its aspiration as stipulated in the vision 2020 and further elaborated in the MKUZA II as a medium term national strategy to realize economic growth and reduce poverty while ensuring quality of products in the market keep human health, safety and environmental friendliness.