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Testing Services

Laboratory Testing

Testing is an essential step and tool in conformity assessment process which conform whether products meet standards or not by conducting analytical activities of products.The aim of testing is to ensure that the products whether imported or manufactured within the country comply with relevant standards, or they are safe for human and animal consumption as well as environmental friendly.

Our Objectives

  • The primary objective of the testing services of ZBS laboratories is to assure the accuracy and precision of laboratory results so that they will be reliable, interpretable, repeatable, and defensible.
  • To establish and maintain National and International recognition through compatibility with the requirements of relevant standards.
  • To strive to meet or exceed the customer needs and expectations for precision, accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity.

Laboratory Commitment statement

The laboratory management and personnel are committed to perform quality activities to assure integrity, accuracy, precision, reliability, timeliness of the data and confidentiality.

Our laboratories and Scope of testing
Currently, ZBS owns Seven Operating Laboratories namely:-

This laboratory has capacity to test all house hold appliances, electrical installation accessories, cables, batteries, lamps, Information technology equipments, Residual current operated circuit-breaker without integral over current protection for household and similar uses(RCCBs), multimedia and similar electronic apparatus and some commercial electrical and electronic products.

This laboratory has capacity to test petroleum products (diesel, petrol, kerosene and JET A1), all kinds of engine oil and lubricants, Soaps, fertilizers, detergents and cosmetics.

This laboratory has capacity to test most of food products on a chemical parameters including physical parameters, Aflatoxin, Pesticide residues and heavy metals

It has capacity of testing most of microorganisms and some viruses in food products including E.coli, Coliform, Yeast & mould, Total viable count, pseudomonas, salmonella spp, Staphylococcus aureus etc.

In this lab various products of textile and leather can be analyzed including Kanga, kitenge, diapers, pads, raw fabrics, toilet paper, napkins, threads, yarns, curtains, bedspreads, blankets, carpets, towels, papers, gloves, masks, ropes, papers, tissues socks, underwear, nightdress, vest,kanzu, tents, swimwear, non-woven bags, jackets , leather belts, footwear, shoes, sportnets, fishing nets, seat cover, wallets, surgical gowns and caps etc.

It can test and analyze the package products including the PET resins, Sacks, woven polypropylene bags, bread bags, bottle closure, plastic bags, milk bottles, paper carrier bags, tissues, metal cans, aluminum foil, coffee disposable paper cups etc.

This lab can analyze and test the building materials including cement, bitumen, soil, concrete, cubes, marble, iron sheets, gypsum board, cornices, tiles, ceramics, motor, blocks, bricks, gypsum powder, gypsum plaster, marine boards, coarse aggregates, fine aggregates, reinforcements, aluminium, limes etc.

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