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Zanzibar Bureau of Standards

ISO 9001: 2015 CERTIFIED

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Standard Development Process

Zanzibar Bureau of Standards (ZBS) was established under the Zanzibar Standards Act No.1 of 2011 with the aim of formulating national standards, promote and facilitate their implementation with a view to improve industrial competitiveness and efficiency to enhance trade, and protect the consumer and the environment. The formulation of Zanzibar National Standards is done through a consultative process and general consensus to suite our cultural, climatic, industrial or economic environment through technical committees. These committees are made up of experts from different stakeholders to ensure balanced representation.

Standards development process follows the stages below:

  • Any person or organization can request the development of new standard or revision/amendment of existing standard. (Fill the standard proposal form here)
  • The proposed standard is then evaluated and directed to TC secretary for the development of new standard, adoption of international, regional or other national standard or review of an existing standard.