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Market Surveillance Inspection Scheme Fees

Market Surveillance Inspection Scheme Fees

Forgery of standard mark
shall be treated as illegal and the owners shall be construed to have committed an offence and shall be liable to a fine
penalty related to conditional release of motor vehicles
a. Importer failed to submit a motor vehicle for testing within 14 days commits an offence and shall be liable to penalty for the delay.

b. In the second offence from the same person, where the person failed to comply with the requirement of conditional release, the offender shall be liable to pay for the default.

PVoC defaulter

Default of terms of Conditional Release of General goods.
Each default
15% CIF of Genuine invoice of the TRA Assessment Document.
Defaulter importers
When the importer failed to follow the clearance procedure of ZBS, forgery of documents submitted at ZBS and any other offences related thereto.
Minimum 2,000,000/=
Failed Used Tires
Tsh 10,000/= per tire