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Certification Schemes

Product Certification Scheme.

The Product Certification Scheme allows manufacturers whose products have conformed to Zanzibar standards to use the ‘ZBS Standards Mark of Quality’ on their products. The scheme requires that the product complies with relevant Zanzibar standards.

The ZBS Standards Quality Mark is a symbol which manufacturers may use to promote their products and consumers seek as prima evidence of quality.

The ZBS Standards Quality Mark on a product indicates that samples of the product are independently and routinely tested and certified by ZBS against relevant Zanzibar standards. The Standards Mark is a sign of product quality and gives assurance to both manufacturers and consumers that the products can be used safely and reliably.

The ZBS Standards Quality Mark makes people buy products with confidence. On the other hand, it protects the manufacturers from competing with inferior products and enables them to prove to the market that their products satisfy all the requirements specified in the standards.

Tested Product Certification Scheme

Tested Product Certification Scheme is the scheme used when the manufacturer claims to produce products according to company, foreign or international standards which may not be available in Zanzibar. The manufacturer’s product is tested in ZBS laboratories or any other accredited/recognized laboratories according to the claimed standards.

The Tested Product Certification Scheme is a scheme whereby the Bureau does not issue a standard quality mark for a product but which otherwise complies with appropriate standard as specified by the product specification and approved by the Technical Committee of the Bureau.