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Zanzibar Standards are developed by a panel of experts who formulate a technical committee. Members of these committees are selected from all relevant stakeholders and include representatives from manufactures, consumers, government and private sectors and all other interested groups and individuals.

These technical committees serve as the principal consensus body which is responsible for overall development and revision of the Zanzibar Standards. The chairperson of the committees is normally appointed from neutral bodies like the universities, or from the government and especially the relevant ministries, and secretaries are drawn from ZBS.

Among the duties of TC members are:-

  • Attend meetings, or send a deputy.
  • Participate fully in work of committee.
  • Submit comments on time as required.
  • In conjunction with the Chairperson and secretariat, ensure that Standards developed by them adhere to the WTO-TBT Code of Good Practice and contain no technical barriers to trade
  • Consult with their nominating bodies and other interested parties.
  • Be impartial, and broadly represent national interests.

Currently, there are 24 Technical Committees at Zanzibar Bureau of Standards which are:-

  • TCC1 - Chemical Products Standards Technical Committee
  • TCC2 - Gas and Oil Standards Technical Committee
  • TCC3 - Textiles and Leather Standards Technical Committee
  • TCC4 - Fertilizer and Pesticides Standards Technical Committee.
  • TCC5 - Stationary and Paper Products Standards Technical Committee.
  • TCC6 - Paints and Varnishes Standards Technical Committee.
  • TCC7 - Industrial and Laboratory Chemicals Standards Technical Committee.
  • TCFA1- Food Standards Technical Committee.
  • TCFA2 - Soft drink and water Standards Technical Committee
  • TCFA3 – Fruits and vegetables standards technical committee
  • TCFA4 - Cooking and essential oils Technical Committee
  • TCFA5- Spice and Culinary Herbs Standards Technical Committee
  • TCFA6 - Fish and Fisheries, Meat, Poultry and their Products Standards Technical Committee.
  • TCFA7 - Milk and milk product standard Technical Committee
  • TCFA8 - Animal feed standards Technical Committee
  • TCFA9 - Traditional Medicines Standards Technical Committee
  • TCEE1- Electrical and Electronic Device Technical Committee
  • TCBM1 – Building materials and home furniture Technical Committee
  • TCMEA1 - Mechanical and Automotive Engineering technical committee.
  • TCTRS- Tourism and related services standards technical committee.
  • TCGS- General services standards technical committee.
  • TCE1-Water Quality standards technical committee
  • TCE2-Soil and Air Quality standards technical committee
  • TCE3-Environmental and Risk Management technical committee
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