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Standard Development Process

Zanzibar Bureau of Standards (ZBS) was established under the Standards Act No.1 of 2011 with the aim of formulating national standards, promote and facilitate their implementation with a view to improving industrial competitiveness and efficiency to enhance trade, and protect the consumer and the environment. The formulation of Zanzibar Standards is done through a consultative process and general consensus principle through technical and Divisional committees. These committees are made up of experts from different stakeholders to ensure balanced representation.

During the preparation of Zanzibar Standards, assistance is mainly derived from other standards from national, regional and/ or international standardization bodies and adopted to suite our cultural, climatic, industrial or economic environment's

Development stages of Zanzibar standards

  • The stage at which any one can propose new Standard to be developed depending on the needs in Zanzibar. Proposal may come from any individual or organization.
  • The proposed standard is then evaluated and directed to TC secretariat for the preparation of standard.
  • The TC secretary will analyse the proposal to know if the standard proposed needs development of new standard, adoption or review of of an existing international, regional or other national standard.
  • The stage at which a Working Draft of the Standard is developed.
  • Working Draft may be developed by secretariat or working group
  • If the proposed standard is available in other Standards bodies, working draft is prepared by TC secretary but if not available in any other source i.e national, regional or international, the working group may be formulated to prepare a working draft.
A working draft is submitted to respective TC for discussion and approval to the next stage.
  • Once the document has passed the stage of TC, it will be circulated to public for comments.
  • Document for public comment must be suitably watermarked to indicate that it is a “Draft for Stakeholders Comment”
  • The document is made available for public comment nationally and made available in the Bureau website for the period of 60 calendar days.
  • The TC secretary will collect, compile and evaluate all the comments submitted.
  • The TC Secretary shall call a TC meeting again if technical changes have been introduced.
  • The Editing Committee shall check the document for correctness of layout, grammar, spelling, cross-references, paragraph numbering, etc as per ZBS Standards Development Procedure.
  • The committee will mark-up the document with respect to errors found, and might raise queries or make suggestions regarding improvements to the document, then return the document to the TC secretary for necessary corrections.
  • The Standards Approval Body i.e. Body of Directors (BoD) approve the Standard after satisfying itself that correct procedures have been followed.
  • All approved standards from BoD are then submitted to the Minister of Trade and Industries for gazetting the standards as Zanzibar National Standard.
  • The approved standards are also published by ZBS as Zanzibar National Standard and included in the ZBS standards catalogue and are announced in ZBS website.
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