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Inspection and Quality Control Section is under Directorate of Quality Management. The section has three units which are:

  1. Import Inspection Unit.
  2. Market Surveillance Unit
  3. Training Unit.

The main functions of this section are:

  • To conduct inspection of all imported products in a Point of Entries, products which are in the Zanzibar Markets and locally manufactured products.
  • To take samples and submit to the laboratories for analysis.
  • To provide technical training regarding standardization and Quality assurance.

In implementation of its duty, currently ZBS two Import Inspection Schemes.

Objectives of Inspection.

The objectives of ZBS to establish Import Inspection are:

  1. To ensure that goods to be imported comply with the required standards before leaving the exporting countries.
  2. To prevent shipment of counterfeit and substandard products.
  3. To ensure public health and safety while consuming the imported products.
  4. To ensure that there is efficiency in the clearance of goods and hence facilitating trade through ports and customs.
  5. To ensure that local industries are protected from unfair competition of substandard imports.
  6. To ensure the environment is protected from substandard imports.
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