Quality Assurance

Quality products ensure better health and safety for consumers.


ZBS facilitates competitiveness and innovation in Global market.

Quality Control

For genuine infrastructures and environmental protection, fullfill the product requirements.
Pre - shipment verification

ZBS ensures imported products comply with the developed Zanzibar and International Standards.

Product Certification
The quality of products depends on the frequent inspection conducted in the manufacturing premises.


The good art of laboratory, equipment and devices build confidence to traders, consumers and stakeholders.
Training and Consultancy
With full enthusiasm, ZBS is dedicated to grow together with all stakeholders.


Testing services


Why we do laboratory testing?

Testing is an essential step and tool in conformity assessment process which conform whether product meets standards or not by conducting analytical activities of product.

The aim of testing is to ensure that the product whether imported or manufactured within country complying with relevant standards, or it is safe for human and animal consumption as well as environmental friend

Our objectives

The primary objective of the testing services of ZBS laboratories is to assure the accuracy and precision of laboratory results so that they will be reliable, interpretable, repeatable, and defensible.

To establish and maintain national and international recognition through compatibility with the requirements of relevant standards.

To strive to meet or exceed the customer’s needs and expectations for precision, accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity.


The laboratory management and personnel are committed to perform quality activities to assure integrity, accuracy, precision, reliability, timeliness of the data and confidentiality.

Our services

Currently, our testing section offers testing services. However, due to the existing situation of our laboratories at this moment, we can’t conduct these services by our own laboratories.

We are subcontracting our testing and calibration services to the competence laboratories through definable, specific and documented procedure in agreement with customer. Nevertheless, are based on ISO 17025:2005 and as directed in Zanzibar standards Act No 1 of 2011.

Our Recent Plan

ZBS has constructed food and chemical laboratory on its building located at Amani Industrial Park. This laboratory will undertake analysis in food chemistry, microbiology and general chemistry including petroleum product.

Our plan now is to furnish this laboratory with all required measurement and testing equipments as soon as possible, so as to start analysis.

Not only that but also, this recent plan covers laboratory testing of electrical and electronic products, mechanical, automotives as well as building and construction materials.