Quality Assurance

Quality products ensure better health and safety for consumers.


ZBS facilitates competitiveness and innovation in Global market.

Quality Control

For genuine infrastructures and environmental protection, fullfill the product requirements.
Pre - shipment verification

ZBS ensures imported products comply with the developed Zanzibar and International Standards.

Product Certification
The quality of products depends on the frequent inspection conducted in the manufacturing premises.


The good art of laboratory, equipment and devices build confidence to traders, consumers and stakeholders.
Training and Consultancy
With full enthusiasm, ZBS is dedicated to grow together with all stakeholders.


Message of the Director General, Zanzibar Bureau of Standards (ZBS)

Thank you for coming in and visit the Zanzibar Bureau of Standards’ website. On behalf of the Board of Directors and Management Team of ZBS, I would like to welcome you to this website and our offices to share knowledge on standardization and the services we offer to you and the general community. We present our sincere thankfulness for your time and effort to read this message.

This website facilitates your connection and knowledge sharing with ZBS. It is part of our communication tool pack that will be enriched with updated information regarding ZBS. Nevertheless, provides teaching and learning venue for all our stakeholders on standards, quality assurance including inspection, metrology services, calibration, testing, conformity assessment and certification. Also ZBS is on the way to provide special training to various stakeholders including consumers on standards and quality management issues.

The Zanzibar Bureau of Standard is a new standards organization which is established to ensure products produced locally for export or domestic consumption and imported for consumption in the country are of desired standards, meet the intended quality and remain safe while consumed both to citizens and our environment. Hence, our main activities focus on:

            ·         Living with Standards

            ·         Assuring with quality products

            ·         Nourishing with safety life.

Nowadays, issues of standards, quality and safety are not options, they are necessity. Whether your enterprise or as an individual producing goods or providing a service, your clients want to be sure that they are safe in using your products.

My team and I in Zanzibar Bureau of Standards are committed to help and support our all stakeholders, including manufacturers, SMEs, exporters, importers and consumers in their operations and market access. We practice our responsibilities as partners in standards and qualities with ethical approach ‘without fear or favour’ but professionalism will steer our wheel.

I hope you find our website helpful and that we will have the opportunity of working with you. We always keen to receive and read your comments and suggestions in which we believe ZBS can fetch your thoughts to progress faster and deliver every anticipated positive outputs and outcomes.

ZBS values your time and effort, if you have any question or require our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us through our e-mail: info@zbs.go.tz


Director General - ZBS